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I know who I am. I'm the one who wants to live in the times that rarely happen.

I know what my problem is. I know what to do and that something has to be done, yet I don't always act when the time arises. So, I get bogged down by boredom until I'm sick of it enough to finally act.

My Purpose

When I put together any type of project, I just let it flow as it comes with little planning. Mostly I just surprise myself with the product and give my own interpretations of why it turned out as it did.

My First Review for Legacy!

Review: Legacy

legacyA desert Island that isn’t paradise. Two sets of inhabitants with different belief systems. A strange man washed up on the shore. One girl born on the Island, and different to the others. Legacy is a serious graphic novel full of suspense and tension that has the reader questioning at every turn.

Who is the stranger, friend or foe? Why are the people trapped on the island? What is the real story behind the Island’s historical myths? These are questions that keep the reader guessing, questioning and page turning throughout the novel. With fast paced development the plotline never stays stagnant and is constantly progressing, keeping the reader’s interest.

The writing, by Tobey Truestory, throughout this graphic novel is impressive and really makes the story line more believable. The dialogue is realistic, drawing the reader in and helping to establish relationships with the characters, although the reader is never quite sure which character to believe or support. This is one of the strongest aspects of this graphic novel, and coupled with the intense black and white artwork makes this a very successful book.

Politics, society, equality, good, evil, and religion are all themes tackled throughout this graphic novel, with some being part of the background and some at the forefront of the plot-line, they ultimately collide together to form the conclusion of the story.

The characters each reflect different aspects of these themes and the relationships between the characters help to reflect the connections between the themes throughout the plot-line. The way these themes come together is fantastic, and is one of the key reasons why this graphic novel is so unique, special and successful.

Overall, if you enjoy unusual and serious novels that reflect larger issues in society in general then this is a graphic novel that you will particularly enjoy.

TrueStory Con Tour! 2015

Just an update. I sort of have a tour coming together. I've posted the dates on my main website, but for now, I'll show you the dates that are pretty much set.

I'm going on a Con tour! Gonna have a booth set up at as many of these that I'm going to. Some of them I wont, due to cost and deadlines, but in order to sell and promote my web comic, One-Sided? and my novelette, Hoodwinked, I'm getting out there where the fans are, and I'm gonna have a whole lot of fun!

-The first place on my tour is Mobicon! Mobile, AL. May 22 - 24. (Check!)
-The second place is the MS Comic Con, Jackson, MS. June 27 - 28. (Check!)
-The third place is Magic City Comic Con, Birmingham, AL. July 24 - 26. I won't have a booth at this one, but I'm still going. (Can't do it)
-The fourth one is Pensacola Para Con Comic Con. Pensacola, FL. August 8 - 9. (Check!) 

-(Added)The fifth is Anime Getaway, Jackson, MS. September 12th. (Went!)
 The fifth is AWA, Atlanta, GA. September 24 - 27. Don't suspect I'll have a booth at this one due to cost and deadlines. (Didn't get to go)
-The sixth is CONtraflow, New Orleans, LA. October 2 - 4. Don't know if I'll have a booth there yet. (Check!)
-Riverview Book Expo, Jackson, MS. November 14. (Check!) 
- (Added)
The final Con on my tour! Geekonomicon! Biloxi, MS December 11, 12, 13th. I'll also host a Web Comic panel at this one! (Check!)

And I'm spent!

Tour Updates 2015

New Shipment of Goods!

After the first two Cons on my tour, I had to resupply myself with copies of my romantic comedy web comic, One-Sided? Volume One, and the first novelette of my dark fantasy series, Hoodwink.

Artist banner 

This is my banner for my booth at each Con! At previous Cons, I noticed other artists and merchants had banners, and I was like, "I want a banner, too!" So, I knew I had to draw something up, but in order to do that, I figured I needed some type of logo. I had no idea what my logo was gonna be, until I came up with an idea of how to sign copies of my books with my pen name: Tobey Truestory. I saw the two T's as the poles of Tori Gates over in Japan, and since I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture...and it shows in my work....I used that to create this banner.

Researching the meaning behind the Tori Gates, I thought it was interesting how they stand as borders: symbolically marking the transition from the profane to the sacred.

I treasure all my stories and hope they will encourage and inspire readers in some way or the other. interview with me at Mobicon 2015

Con booths for my TrueStory Tour 2015

Mobicon 2015

MS Comic Con 2015